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Every incorporated business is required to pay a tax on its profits, more commonly known as Corporation Tax.

Even unincorporated businesses, such as sole traders or partnerships, must pay tax on their income.

Through effective tax planning, it is often possible to reduce your annual tax bill – leaving you more to reinvest in your business.

There are a wide range of reliefs and allowances available to businesses, such as:

  • Loss carry back
  • R&D tax credits
  • Capital allowances
  • The super-deduction
  • Patent box relief.

We can help you make full use of these reliefs and others through careful tax planning, which reflects the aims and ambitions of your business.

If you intend to sell your business in future, we can also help you to reduce the amount of Capital Gains Tax due by structuring the deal and helping you benefit from Asset Disposal Relief, which could reduce your tax bill significantly.